Reclaimed Wood:
Beautiful, Affordable and
Environmentally Friendly.

Re-Shaping The Future
and Protecting The Past.

The Idea Behind

If you are looking for indoor contemporary teak and pine wood furniture designs that are also easy on the environment, you have come to the right place. At Green Balance Furniture we breathe new life into old wood using the texture and warmth of 100% recycled wood. The small nail holes, cracks or old joints in the wood tell a story of your furnitures past.

Discover the innovative ways we create products using the smallest scraps of wood ... all the way down to the sawdust. All our furniture is manufactured by hand, with the simplest of hand and power tools, backed by traditional craftsmanship. That makes each and every piece of our furniture a unique treasure, built to last a lifetime.

It’s not only a beautiful piece of furniture. It’s a personal statement.

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